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We have chosen to name our project Korenine / Radici to underline some key aspects that we want to pursue: the enhancement of a territory in its history and traditions, the Municipality of Dolina / San Dorligo and the hamlet of Aquilinia; the aspect of the value of ecological sustainability expressed by the productive realities of the Karst and their possible encounter with art. The path will open with a meditation, led by Enza De Rose, and will continue immersed in the sounds of nature and the words of the Slovenian artist Marko Pogaćnik. The experience will continue with an itinerant walk among the olive groves, by Elena Husu.

Organized by the

Contrada Teatro stabile di Trieste

Passeggiata Parovel
Passeggiata Kocjančič
Passeggiata Fior Rosso
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