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Affitta la Sala

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President and Artistic Director: Livia Amabilino
Organizational Director: Diego Matuchina
Technical Chie
f: Bruno Guastini

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Bobbio Theatre

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Your Advertising

Promote yourself in the Theater

The contrada provides you with a wide range of supports for your promotion,

do not hesitate to contact us to find out more!

Promotion Office: Julian Sgherla

Booklet and Materials of the Season

Our brochure comes in 35,000 copies. On the occasion of a Subscription Campaign, will be widely distributed on the territory both in the city and in the region and sent to all the most important theaters in Italy. The season booklet is a valid promotional vehicle because it is consulted and kept throughout the Theater Season (September-May), highlighting the advertising inserts for a significant period of time.

We also remind you of the possibility of disclosing the brand on paper material relating to the Subscription Campaign.
In order to publish advertising in the season booklet, please note that the graphic layout must be provided by June of each year, in print format (EPS, PDF or TIFF)

External LED Wall, Foyer Maxi Screens
and Screen in Hall

LED Wall is positioned on the wall adjacent to the theater in Via Limitanea, measuring 2.5x1 m. Two Big Screens are located in the Foyer at the entrance to the theatre. Screen in the Hall projected before the shows with dedicated promotional spaces.

All screens (except the screen in the hall) have promotions interspersed with the theater programming, with one replay frequency of about every 2 minutes, every day. (during the opening hours of the ticket office and every evening of the performances)

Promotion on Our Site

Possibility of inserting banners of different sizes, both as static images and as animated videos, with the option of also inserting a link that redirects to an address chosen by the customer.
The site, completely redesigned, annually exceeds the 19,600 visits and 64,000 page views (source: Google Analytics) thus proving to be an excellent communication and visibility tool.
As regards the advertising spaces available on the big screen and on the website, it should be remembered that it is possible to purchase them at any time of the season.

Foyer and Corporate Corner

Possibility of distributing advertising material to the public – within the Theater Foyer, in the manner established by mutual agreement – during the performances of the prose season. Possibility of informing season ticket holders about the company's activities, about particular initiatives or any preferential offers, with the possibility of organizing aCompany cornerpromoter (1.5 x 1.5 m), functioning at the beginning and in the interval of the show, with the presence of a hostess.

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